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Honourable Board of Overseers.

The purpose of the Honourable Board of Overseers is to guide over-all direction of Association and to resolve conflict cases.

Members of the Honourable Board of Overseers:

Elmira Souleimanova
Farmuda Mulyukova
Leila Arifoulova
Naile Kudeki
Nuriye Kilki
Zoufar Khamadiarov

Executive Committee of the Association.

The Executive Committee is the body responsible for the current activities of the Association.

Marat Salakhutdinov – President and IT Director
Daniyar Abdullin – Vice President and Cultural Activities Director
Erik Valeyev – Sports Activities Director
Almaz Akhmetzianov – Membership and Financial Director
Liana Khamadiarova – Assets Director
Marina Abdullina – Childrens’ Activities Director and Secretary
Alima Salakhutdinova – Communication Director